Poker -For The Rocket Pockets

When we talk about games the first thing that comes to our mind is why do people play games? They do so in order to entertain themselves. People have different reasons and different situations to play games. For instance kids play games during their childhood; it not only keeps them entertained but also helps them in various ways which are useful to them in the future. Kids play games like marble games or running and exercising games. When it comes to adults they play more grown up games involving cards andbusiness. From all the games of the world the most common one is Poker.


Poker is also known as gamble in the modern world. It was initially played by the French settlers in New Orleans. The game involved bluffing one’s way to win. It was originally called ‘Poques’ and slowly by slowly its name was changed to ‘Poker’. Till date there are many controversies regarding who invented this game. Some say it was a Chinese Emperor who introduced it as a card domain game in the 10th Century and some say it was claimed to be a descendant of a Persian card game called ‘As Nas’. Regardless, in today’s time the Poker tour guide states that there are around 120 million people worldwide who indulge in this game.


Various names:

Poker has various names and it is played in various ways. That same pack of 52 cards is also played in India by the name of ‘Teen Patti’, ‘Sattepesatta’ or ‘Rummy’.

Now the main question arises: Why do adults these days indulge in poker?

There are various reasons such as:

  • To earn money.
  • To release themselves from stress.
  • To have fun with their friends and family.
  • To learn and improve their skills.

Poker has its good and bad effects. Sometimes it can beneficial to some people by helping them earn money or improve their logical skills or even create a long lasting bond with their friends or new acquaintances, but at the same time it can lead to a huge loss for some people who lose the game. Poker can get very addictive at times hence one must be careful and not let anything affect their mental health or financial stability.

Some games also use the low hand rankings. Apart from this poker is also played with blinds, without any limits, with any limits or by bluffs.

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